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Boulder Creek is a beautiful community beside the San Lorenzo River in the redwood cloaked Santa Cruz Mountains.  While the redwoods that give the area such charm are beautiful, they can create a lot of problems for homeowners who live under their branches and the needles they drop.

If you live under the redwoods in Boulder Creek or anywhere the most critical element of a safe and secure house is an intact roof.  Older, lower redwood branches die as the trees grow and snap off during high winds in winter storms that can cause major roof damage.

The needles redwoods drop obstruct water flow off the roof and can keep areas of your roof from ever drying out through the winter and causing rot and mold to the roof substrate. In areas that never dry out during the winter, moss can grow on roofs not properly maintained that can cause leaks.

There are several very important signs inspect to to know when you need a new roof.

The impact of a leaky or partially broken roof can have impact throughout your entire home, including expensive problems like moisture-related mold, weather damage and easy entry pest problems. Mold is a major problem in Boulder Creek homes being under the redwoods at the colder, bottom of the valley where the sun doesn’t penetrate in the winter. This can all be extremely hazardous to the health of those that habitat the building or home.

Shelton Roofing has been proudly helping our community of clients in the Boulder Creek area and surrounding communities maintain the roofs over their heads for decades. Featuring the most experienced and licensed roofing contractors, some of the most affordable rates in the area and a staunch commitment to customers service we are the areas premier residential and commercial roofing company.

Shelton Roofing offers a comprehensive range of roofing installation and repair services, including but not limited to:

  • Residential and Commercial Installation

  • Industrial Roofing

  • Roof Leak Repairs

  • Roof Inspection (find water damage from leaks and drainage as well as other roof damages)

  • Roof Replacement

  • Tear-Offs

  • Consulting (design, construction, materials including metal panels, aluminum roofing, flat roof and solar roof options)

  • Emergency Roofing Repairs (sealant, flashing, shingle, sheet metal and roofing tiles replacements)

  • Soffits and Fascias

  • Roofing Education and Maintenance

  • Signage Roofing and Much More

Shelton Roofing is a locally owned roofing contractor that serves Santa Cruz County with the best roofing solutions. After 35 years, we’re known as one of the best roofing companies throughout the State of California. We do our best to provide quality roofing services while keeping the cost to replace your house or building’s roof as cheap as we can.

A Local Business with Far-Reaching Resources

Although we are happily situated close to our friends and neighbors in the Boulder Creek area, Shelton Roofing combines the personalized service of a local business with comprehensive resources and expertise of a national company. Don’t entrust the installation, repair or maintenance of your roof to an inexperienced or unqualified contractor.

Shelton Roofing: The Top Rated Boulder Creek Residential and Commercial Roofing Company

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